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The whole planet is about to transform as we enter the New Age of Aquarius in time for Christmas The last time we saw patterns like this, it was the end of the Roman Empire. In astrology, if the time, place and date of birth is accurate, then you should have a hit rate of between 75 per cent and per cent for astrology prediction, with personal charts or world events. People always want to know about love, sex, money and career. I predict that for a sign like Cancer, January will bring the most important choice about their love lives in years. Know anyone aged around 29 who is going through a break up?

Sun sign astrology — which is the basis of basic horoscopes you read in magazines, say — is just like weather forecasting. All you Sagittarius and Gemini people out there reading this are had massive financial change cycles in July and I include our new Prime Minister Boris Johnson in that!

2020 Leo Horoscope eBook

Different astrologers use different techniques. However, we all tend to end up making the same predictions as long as the birth time and date is accurate.

There is a part of Quantum Mechanics called the Multiverse Theory or Many Worlds Theory which actually allows for a parallel universe where horoscope predictions come true. The interest in astrology is growing, too.

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Powerful old wisdom and knowledge is coming back. I believe more and more women of us are turning to it because in the hands of professionals, it works.

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MORE: The best workout for your star sign. So why am I obsessed with astrology app The Pattern? I have spent almost my whole life writing horoscopes. Morris, MA.

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She says conjunctions occur when orbiting planets occupy the same degree in an astrological sign whilst they careen through space on different timelines. Archetypal Saturn is identified with structure and stability but also with physical and psychological boundaries and limitations.

Tiny Pluto is the explosive planetary energy firing radical or reactionary change and transformation. Morris says astrologers are wary because of the powerful, world-altering changes that have occurred in the past when these celestial heavyweights were sharing the same zodiacal degree, an event that occurs every 32 to 35 years. Saturn and Pluto aligned degrees apart in opposite astrological signs generates fireworks as well. The Vietnam War began in February , also on this configuration.

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America suddenly became a colonial power with overseas dependents. Saturn was opposing Pluto in December of that year. A power shift occurred following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the collapse of the Russian monarchy. The U. A lasting image from his Presidency focuses on the role he played in helping to redraw the map boundaries of Europe once the shooting stopped.

January 2020 Astrology Predictions – Part Two

Saturn is all about re-establishing parameters. Restructuring the map of Europe was once again the order of the day following World War II when the planet conjoined powerhouse Pluto in August in the astrological sign of Leo.

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They have won elections for the European Parliament and in several European countries Sweden, Italy, Hungary and Austria and are consolidating their power across the union. And the Northern Ireland border with Ireland open since the end of the s Irish war would now need to close again as Ireland is part of the EU and Northern Ireland is part of Brexit. In his book, Astrology for the Millions, t he late astrologer Grant Lewi called the last Uranus in Taurus cycle the Age of Dictators because the s produced Hitler, Mussolini, Tito, Franco, Tojo and other authoritarian leaders.

A contentious debate about the social programs intended to help jump-start the economy was touched off when Congress, seemingly on cue, passed the Social Security Act in as the Uranus in Aries cycle was ending. The economy most recently peaked May but will continue to plateau until about January , when the economy will decline. The previous peak was October The economy remained high until the dot.